NEMO Watchman .300 Win Mag AR

NEMO Watchman .300 Win Mag AR

NEMO firearms debuted their first .300 Win Mag AR–the Omen–at the 2013 SHOT Show. This year they debuted the followup–a .300 Win Mag AR with a 24 inch barrel, aptly called the Watchman.

Breitbart News spoke with NEMO C.O.O. Kirk Leopold, and he said he has seen people “shoot 4 inch groups at 1,000 yards” with the rifle.

The gun is not an AR-15 reworked but a NEMO .300 Win Mag designed and built from the magazine up. 

The magazine holds 14 rounds.

Said Leopold: “Everything on the gun is make by us or for us.” He said the rifle has a “patent pending recoil system that uses reverse energy” to absorb the shock of firing .300 Win Mag rounds. Because of this system, he said “you can fire it as fast as you pull the trigger.”

He said he watched an “85 pound woman” shoot 40 rounds through the gun with no problem. I told him I have a bolt action .300 Win Mag and just shooting 5 rounds through it to sight in the scope leaves me with bruises.

Not so with the Watchmen–it is a gun that a rancher and his wife can shoot with no problem. 

A Watchman costs $5400.00. And one of the reasons for that is that it’s built to last. Said Leopold: “We call it a heritage piece because if you own one, your kids are going to fight over it when you’re gone.”

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