Bully Alert: ABC Host Takes Cheap Shot at Sarah Palin During Youth Sports Segment

Bully Alert: ABC Host Takes Cheap Shot at Sarah Palin During Youth Sports Segment

Unprovoked attacks toward former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin are nothing new. For many on the Left and some in the GOP establishment it’s become something of a sport. Lapdog media members take it to the next level. The weird and visceral pot shots are not hard to find. Perhaps most perplexing, facts rarely get in the way of their assault.

It’s one thing to go after Palin on the issues. Those who are anti-Constitution, anti-gun, and pro-abortion may have  a beef with her unwavering commitment to traditional American values. It’s quite another when Palin is taken to task for a stance she doesn’t even hold. Sadly, this is not an uncommon tactic from a media that is more slanted than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The latest offender is ABC’s David Wright. The Nightline correspondent just couldn’t help inject Palin into a story that had zero to do with her. Like the boy who pulls the hair of the girl in front of him in second grade. The behavior is childish and less than honest.

The segment Wright was showcasing had to do with youth sports. After playing clips of football coaches giving kids the green light to hit each other in the head, Wright came back with this gem: “That full-throated passion, part of the culture of sports in this  country. Lampooned in movies like Kicking and Screaming and celebrated  by the original hockey mom herself, Sarah Palin, in 2008.” 

What the heck is he talking about?!?!?!
It continued.
“These are third graders,” Wright said. “Another coach pushing his players to do things the NFL has banned.” And? What does this have to do with Palin?
Maybe if Wright did his homework he would’ve realized Palin actually commented on Friday Night Tykes, the very show he was referencing, during a recent interview with Sean Hannity of Fox. During that interview Palin gave some very thoughtful, commonsense commentary regarding the state of youth sports and the role coaches should play.
“The way to motivate kids, though, is not necessarily through fear, not at that age especially,” Palin said. “You know, I think it was Lou Holtz who had said it best years ago about self- discipline leading to success and self-motivation. So these coaches, if they want to get their kids to understand that self-motivation that is so needed, at that age, it doesn’t necessarily need to be through intimidation and fear. These coaches seem to be wanting to not look bad, and I can guarantee a coach can be defeated if that’s his goal is to just not look bad.”
Palin made it clear that she puts a premium on the welfare of our kids in athletic programs.
“The good coaches know when it (the line) cannot be crossed, and they know kind of the demographic that they’re working with in terms of the age group, and they should be discerning enough to know what will motivate the kids,” said Palin. 
So, not only were Wright’s comments about Palin inappropriate and misplaced, they were also dead wrong. ABC ran a clip of Palin’s 2008 Republican National Convention speech in which she quips “You know, they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.”
To normal people that translated as a woman saying she was passionate about her children and country and committed to protecting both. Wright poorly tried to twist the comments into something they were not. Another common practice of mainstream media today.
We shouldn’t be surprised. Wright has taken outlandish digs at Palin before.
In 2009 on Nightline he produced a piece about the 50th anniversary of Barbie. Wright mentioned various careers the doll has held over the years. After mentioning astronaut, rock star and others Wright said, “Some would argue she also ran for vice president in 2008.”
Really? How pathetic. Downright creepy if you ask me. A grown man taking shots at a wife and mother of five. Some would argue that would be a trait of a gutless worm.
Sarah Palin has taken more unfair criticism than anyone. Hateful criticism. She has never backed down. Palin continues to fight for her country with a smile on her face. She has proven she can take care of herself.
The sad state of our media is the real shame here. Comments like these from Wright are commonplace today. Hiding behind a microphone and teleprompter while belittling women. Cowardice on steroids.
While I certainly condemn the comments Wright and his ilk make about Palin, I know she is strong and tough. Someone with her fighting spirit will not be deterred. I guess the person I feel the worst for in all of this is New York Mets third baseman and all-around nice guy David Wright. Unfortunately, he shares his name with an obsessed ignoramus.


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