Former NFL Cheerleader Promotes Vibrant Living Through New Book

Former NFL Cheerleader Promotes Vibrant Living Through New Book

Change your life for the better in just 21 days. That’s the bold claim from Molly Shattuck in her brand new book Vibrant Living. Shattuck, a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, maps out a blueprint for losing weight, feeling energized, and achieving overall better health.

Shattuck certainly speaks from experience. Due to her own healthy lifestyle, the Ravens came calling in 2005. At the time, Shattuck was 38, making her the oldest cheerleader in NFL history.

In Vibrant Living, Shattuck features a 21-Day Action Plan that includes drinking a lot of water, eating real foods, exercising, and living for others. “Empowering the body frees the mind and soothes the spirit,” Shattuck told Breitbart Sports.  

According to Shattuck, better health can be achieved by the ordinary, everyday person without stress.

“The book is about the split second choices you make every day to fuel your energy or dull it,” Shattuck said. “Neglecting to be intentional–day after day, tiny choice after tiny choice–can lead to a lifetime of poor health, unrealized dreams and lackluster living.”

Too busy to get in shape? Not an excuse. Shattuck is a mother of three who has never had a personal trainer or membership to a gym. “If you can’t find thirty minutes over the course of a day to move your body, find ten minutes three times,” Shattuck said.

Organizations are noticing Shattuck’s program, and they’re recognizing her accomplishments. She was named Healthy Living Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association of Maryland in 2013 and appointed Healthy Food Ambassador for United Way of Central Maryland’s Access to Healthy Food Initiative, which has provided 5.1 million pounds of healthy food for people in need since 2011.

She is also co-founder of Families Living United, an initiative of United Way that creates opportunities for families to volunteer together and holds Honorary Chair of the Mayor’s Business Forum on Women’s Health in Baltimore.

These accolades have given Shattuck clout and legitimacy when it comes to health issues. Her new book brings her proven techniques to the masses. 

Recently, while speaking on The Palin Update on SarahNET Radio, Shattuck lauded another busy mother who still finds time for fitness. “Big cheers and high kicks for Sarah Palin,” said Shattuck.
The American Heart Association has named Shattuck a Go Red for Women Mission and Engagement Chair. Through this position she is able to bring attention to women’s heart health. “People are stunned when they find out that more women die of heart disease than cancer,” Shattuck said. Now those dealing with heart problems have a committed fighter to give them a voice.
In Vibrant Living, Shattuck addresses her game plan for better all-around fitness. She challenges the reader to try her easy steps for three weeks. The reward is noticeable changes in yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Shattuck walks the walk too, including non-airbrushed pictures of herself in the book.
Three cheers for Molly Shattuck and her ambitious goal to help others live a better, vibrant life.

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