Palin: Talk To Kids or Risk Orwellian Nation

Palin: Talk To Kids or Risk Orwellian Nation

Most American parents watching their children participate in sports have more on their minds than just how many kills or foul shots their child will pile up. Sarah Palin is no different. The former Alaska governor admits in a recent Facebook post that when she’s taking in youth athletics, her thoughts often turn very serious. Understandable. Our precious children have an uncertain path ahead of them.

“As I sit in the bleachers today at middle school sports tournaments, I look out at our future and confirm the necessity to get America back on the right road, soon, before it’s too late. Please explain this article to your children, as many have been, unfortunately, shielded from reading the staples “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and “Animal Farm” in school. Then encourage them by your actions to be engaged and NOT LET IT HAPPEN.”

Palin added:
“Here’s why in almost every one of my speeches or interviews I use the term “Orwellian.” She included a link to the article An Orwellian Nation of Obamathink by Victor Davis Hanson.
Parents must heed Palin’s challenge to talk to their kids about this piece or risk leaving behind a nightmare society straight out of an Orwell book. Those who want to “fundamentally change America” already have us heading in that direction.  
So, the next time your son or daughter has a game, be sure to cheer them on and show support for their efforts on the court. But also be committed to discussing real issues with them once the final whistle blows. Their future and the future of our country depends on it.