Interview: Sportsman Channel Chooses Patriotic Rockers Madison Rising For Sarah Palin Theme Song

Interview: Sportsman Channel Chooses Patriotic Rockers Madison Rising For Sarah Palin Theme Song

They’ve played at halftime of NFL games. They’ve even opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steppenwolf, Kansas, Weezer, and Toby Keith. But now they’re opening for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The most patriotic band in America has created an original theme song for the new Sportsman Channel show Amazing America with Sarah Palin.
Madison Rising bleeds red, white, and blue. The band’s powerful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner took the nation by storm. Millions have viewed it online and the video was even featured by Palin on her Facebook page.
The partnership of Madison Rising and Sarah Palin makes for the perfect fit. A band led by singer Dave Bray, a Navy veteran and former 8404 FMF Corpsman and the Mama Grizzly who wears her love for our military on her camouflaged sleeve.  
Bray and his bandmates are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the unique new series. “My loving wife, Becky, who apart from working full time and raising our children, also does a ton of outreach on behalf of Madison Rising,” Bray told Breitbart Sports. “She made a connection with Marc Fein from the Sportsman Channel. Then the three of us met to discuss working on an idea for a theme song for their show…and so it began.”
Madison Rising, like usual, hits it out of the park. Despite the heartfelt lyrics, however, Bray admits it didn’t take too long to write. “It was actually one of those songs that was written and recorded rather quickly,” said Bray. “We usually like to let a song simmer and marinade a bit before putting it on wax.”
This one though was as ready as a pot of moose chili at the Palin house on a winter afternoon.

We believe in the American way.
And we built this country called the U S A.
And we fly our flag cause we’re proud and free… We’re Americans
Red wild and blue is our way of life.
And we never back down to a challenge or a fight.
Nature provides and God gives the rights… We’re Americans.
We make up America….this amazing America!
Home of the brave in America. We’re an amazing America!
We fish the waters and we hunt the land.
We forge the steel with our own two hands.
With what we’ve got we do the best we can… We’re Americans
From the snowy pass to the desert sun.
With the dogs and the horses and the trucks and the guns.
We’re mothers and fathers daughters and sons… We’re Americans

Sounds like it could’ve some from a Palin speech. The pride in our exceptional nation is bursting.

“Marc basically said he wanted a cool Madison Rising style rock song for their show and after filling me in on the concept of Amazing America with Sarah Palin, I knew that we would make a great team,” Bray said. 

The concept of the show inspired Bray. “I wrote the acoustic version of the song over the course of a few days, picking away at the guitar and looking for the right words to capture that ‘Amazing-Americana feel’,” he said. “I had a strong band and the ‘Red-WILD-and-Blue’ concept to work with and that always helps in the song and lyric writing process. AJ Larsen (guitars), Sam Fishman (drums), and Mark Sutherland (bass) put the finishing touches on the tune in the studio and we were off to the races. Being a patriotic themed and topical band however, it’s something we’ve grown accustomed to in our style of ‘themed’ song writing.” 

The pairing with Palin makes this project even more special for Bray and the gang. After all these are guys that named their band after James Madison, so having an appreciation for Palin comes as no surprise. “Being on any television show is a true blessing but actually getting to work with the Sportsman Channel and Sarah Palin is like a dream come true for Madison Rising and myself,” Bray said. “I grew up watching nature, outdoor, hunting and fishing shows and I still do. I’ve actually gotten the opportunity to see Sarah Palin speak in person. Now all we need to do is get her to a Madison Rising concert, and have the Sportsman Channel air it live, and the circle will be complete.” 

Madison Rising is all about patriotism. Their love of country makes their music even more enjoyable to perform because they know it affects Americans in a positive way. “Playing the patriotic themed songs, the songs rallying behind and supporting our troops, the pro 2nd amendment songs and the reverent classics like the Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and God Bless America is what Madison Rising does best,” Bray said. “Our love and passion  for God and country shines through during our performances and our fans, both young and old, definitely feel that energy and patriotism at our shows. It’s that common thread between us and our audiences that makes this the best  kind and most enjoyable experience as performers. Even better though is getting to know our fans and hearing their own stories about what America means to them. The loved ones they have given for her…the new love they’ve found in her…in their own words….on a personal basis. Real stuff.”

No one is more “real stuff” than Palin. She stands firm on her beliefs and never let’s detractors slow her down. Her passion for America is undeniable. So in a very real sense, Palin is to leadership as Madison Rising is to music.

Palin doesn’t put her name behind anyone or anything without thorough vetting and careful thought. Just like the candidates she endorses, Palin has picked a musical act with integrity, substance, talent, and above all patriotism. 

The Sportsman Channel’s new show will feature everyday people, business leaders, and celebrities – in cities, suburbs and towns – the leader of the “Status Go” movement – Sarah Palin – will find the stories that share and reflect her passion for what makes America the great, amazing nation that it is.

It all starts with the passionate sound of Madison Rising.

“Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” premieres on Thursday, April 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Free downloads of the theme song are available for a limited time at: