Damn Yankees, Dam Homonyms: Red Sox Fan Cannot Spell 'Ellsbury,' 'Traitor'

Damn Yankees, Dam Homonyms: Red Sox Fan Cannot Spell 'Ellsbury,' 'Traitor'

The collective IQ of Red Sox Nation took a downward tumble, at least in the eyes of fans encountering a sign-touting fan at Minute Maid Park. A Sox fan with an acts to grind peaked the interest of onlookers by her unique signage pros yesterday.

The New York Yankees opened their season against the Houston Astros in Houston and one disgruntled Boston Red Sox fan attended the game. She was determined to give Jacoby Ellsbury a peace, I mean, piece of her mind.

Two problems marred the sine. She misspelled “Ellsbury” and “traitor.” The spelling-be champions in attendance could only stair.

Alas, “trader” and “traitor” are not even pronounced the same weigh. Maybe she thought Ellsbury was traded and wanted to be funny. But Ellsbury’s contract expired in October 2013 and he joint the Yankees in December.

The Astros won 6-2 and Ellsbury, perhaps jarred by the affront to the English language, went oh for fore.

The cap-wearing mystery woman, upon seeing her mockery of Ellsbury mocked in the furthest reassess of the internet, surely rude her ruedness. 

(Photos via Deadspin)