Glock 42: A True Pocket Glock

Glock 42: A True Pocket Glock

When news of the Glock 42 began to break in January, gun outlets in print and around the web–including Breitbart News–joined in celebrating Glock’s first gun chambered in .380 for the U.S. market.

We all celebrated the gun’s small–and therefore concealable–dimensions. 

At 13.4 ounces unloaded, less than an inch wide, and just 4.3 inches from front of slide to rear, the Glock 42 is not just compact–it’s super compact. It is literally the first Glock I’ve owned that I can to slip into the front pocket of a pair of cargo shorts and no one looking at me has any idea I’m carrying a gun.

But for all the excitement, questions remained. Questions like, “Is it as dependable as its larger cousins (a model 26 or 27, or a model 19 or 23)?” 

On April 15th, Breitbart News fired approximately a hundred rounds through the 42 with no problems (no malfunctions) in tight groupings. The groupings were impressive considering it was the first time we had shot the 42. 

After that we received questions about how the gun handled +P loads rather than just standard loads. So on April 21st we fired approximately 220 rounds through the gun–including some smoking hot +P loads–and the experience was the same: no malfunctions, no problems. 

What we have here is a super compact Glock that acts just like a compact or standard-sized Glock every time you pull the trigger. By that I mean, it goes “bang” every time

The difference between this Glock and the others is that when carrying the 42, if you wear the right kind of pants you can literally drop it into your front pocket and go on about your business. It is a true pocket Glock. 

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