Bulls Joakim Noah, French Sneaker Company Settle Suit

Bulls Joakim Noah, French Sneaker Company Settle Suit

TMZ Sports reports that NBA superstar Joakim Noah filed suit against the company whose shoes he’s been advertising with his feet. Noah sues Le Coq Sportif, whose shoes Noah wore since 2007 in exchange for a 6-year $6 million deal. Noah claims the company bilked him out more than $1.65 million. 

The lawsuit states that soon after the deal was made, LCS closed its offices in the U.S., fired the LCS agent who signed Noah, and tried to sneak out of the sneaker deal. By 2013, according to Noah, he was not receiving payments due, even though Noah never stopped wearing the shoes in his professional career. He claims that he did so at his own risk, saying the sneakers were “not well designed and likely contributed to [my] development of plantar fasciitis…. [which] caused him to miss several games during the 2012-13 Chicago Bulls NBA season, including key games in the NBA playoffs.”

Le Coq countersued, but last month the two parties dropped the proceedings against each other. Noah’s Bulls find themselves down 0-2 in their playoff series against the Washington Wizards.

Noah now wears Adidas.