Floyd Mayweather Went on a Junk Food Diet in Jail

Floyd Mayweather Went on a Junk Food Diet in Jail

It’s official: a bag of Chili Cheese Fritos is the breakfast of champions.

Sports on Earth reports that boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., undefeated welterweight champion boxer famed for his intense training regimen and devotion to staying in tip-top shape, was a different man during his two months in jail in the summer of 2012. He refused jail meals and subsisted on food such as Chili Cheese Fritos, Snickers, chicken ramen noodles, and a form of beef jerky.

Mayweather served time in the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas after being charged with domestic violence against a girlfriend. Mayweather was not the model inmate. Authorities cited him for “borderline threatening” of an officer. He had to undergo disciplinary actions from officials. The millionaire fighter, who takes in $32 million for his match on Saturday, may have paid off other inmates, including a murderer, so he could get preferential treatment.

Mayweather’s celebrity kept him isolated from others in protective custody and kept him in his cell for the entire day save for one hour. He told authorities that the time in the protective unit made him feel like a “child predator.” He fought that situation, asking to be transferred into the jail’s general population or sent to another jail. He wrote:

I’m just hoping this time don’t have an infect on my job. Out of 168 hrs in a week I only get 5 hours out of my cell its just not right … I have not committed a felony so why am I being treated like a murderer or child predator?

Mayweather had evaded previous charges of abuse against women; his former girlfriend Josie Harris claimed in 2010 that he had hit her in sight of their children. He made a deal to accept a misdemeanor charge.

During his stay in the Clark County facility, an officer was discussing the issue that had arisen when Mayweather was given two hours of free time instead of one. According to the officer, Mayweather started to “yell out his cell as he butted into our conversation.” When the officer approached Mayweather, he recalled, “He looked me in the eye and he told me that when he gets out of jail, he won’t forget me…. I didn’t say I was going to hurt you, did I?… Without that badge, you aren’t tough. It would be different between us if you didn’t have that badge on.”

Mayweather reportedly told Paul Lopez, who pled guilty to murder: “I am putting $500 on your books–thanks for looking out.” When Lopez was questioned, he told an officer of Mayweather,”I want to give him my half hour in the dayroom, and I’ll stay in the multipurpose room for my free time.”

After Mayweather’s release, he said: “Mentally, I am f—ed up from the situation. The American dream is to get a lot of money, but when you locked up, you don’t care nothing about money. All you care about is being free.”

Mayweather, 37, fights Marcos Maidana on Saturday in Las Vegas.