Tiger Woods: 'As for My Return to Golf, I Just Don't Know'

Tiger Woods: 'As for My Return to Golf, I Just Don't Know'

Tiger Woods wrote an update on his recovery on his personal website. He underwent microdisectomy surgery for a pinched nerve in his back, which forced him to miss the Masters for the first time in his career.

Woods told his fans he decided on the surgery because he could not make a golf swing, which is very important for a golf player! He is still sore, but has “zero arthritic changes whatsoever.” He thanked his ability to stay in shape over the past few years, especially in his glutes and abs.

Needless to say it was tough for him to miss the Masters, but he is happy for winner Bubba Watson.

I was happy for Bubba Watson and want to congratulate him on winning his second green jacket. The golf course sets up great for a long fader who is left-handed. It sets up perfectly because it’s so much easier to cut the ball than it is to turn it over on No. 10. On No. 13, it is much easier to cut it and carry it; if you try to carry it with a draw, it’s not going to stay in the air as much as it would with a cut. Same thing with No. 14. I think that’s one of the reasons Phil [Mickelson] and Bubba have done so well there is because they both fade the ball really well for lefties.

But at the same time he said it was not that hard to miss the Masters.

Not being able to play in the Masters for the first time wasn’t as hard for me as you might think. I’ve missed major championships before, so this was not a new experience. It helps when I’m physically unable to play the game. That’s when it’s easy for me, and I don’t have a problem watching. It’s when I’m playing and closer to getting back out there is when I start getting real antsy about watching events: ‘Can I play, can I not play?’ But when I’m physically unable to play like in 2008 after my knee surgery, it makes things so much easier.

The one shining light of the injury, though, is spending time with his children Sam and Charlie. It is the little things such as soccer and T-ball games that Woods is enjoying and he was able to vacation with them in the Bahamas for their spring break. Woods is even taking time to teach Charlie how to golf.

I’ve worked with Charlie on hitting and fielding drills and showing him slowly what to do; I can’t do it quickly. We watch a lot of sports on TV, and we try and copy that. We have a lot of putting contests. I can’t bend down to pick up the ball out of the hole, so we sand-filled all the holes so you can still putt to a hole. He’s getting pretty good and is starting to understand speed and break. That’s not something that is easy to pick up. I have my greens running about 13 on the Stimpmeter every day, so your feel has to be a little better. When we were in the Bahamas, the greens were much slower and he almost beat me. If Sam and Charlie beat me, they’re going to earn it. That’s how Pop was with me, and I think that’s how it should be.

Woods said he wants to be back this summer, but does not want to push it too much. He hopes to be back for his Quicken Loans National and vowed to be there whether he is playing or on the sidelines to show support. Six weeks from now is The US Open, which he famously won basically on one foot in 2008. He is also aiming for the Ryder Cup and FedExCup Playoffs. But he reiterated he just does not know when he will be back, but is optimistic for his recovery.