Not Just Bull: Sarah Palin Show Highlights 'Spec-quack-ular' Duck Callers

Not Just Bull: Sarah Palin Show Highlights 'Spec-quack-ular' Duck Callers

In perhaps the quirkiest edition of Amazing America with Sarah Palin, viewers were treated to a night of ducks and bulls. The show was nowhere near Anaheim or Chicago, however. Instead Palin’s posse headed to Arkansas and Texas for some wild events.

“In America we work hard, but when the work day is done we like to play just as hard,” Palin said. “In this great nation we’re free to pursue a variety of hobbies and interests that we’re passionate about and feed our creativity and sense of fun.” 

Fun was the name of the game in the first segment. Field host Jerry Carroll headed to Stuttgart, Arkansas, the duck capital of the world for an event Palin called “spec-quack-ular.” She got it right. Duck callers competed for big bucks while thousands descended to watch the event and celebrate with the locals.

Carroll, despite having a hard time pronouncing Stuttgart, had a blast at the duck calling championships. He met numerous contestants including 11-year old junior hopeful Miles Bond. Carroll also hobnobbed with those peddling their duck callers. Outfits on hand included Timber Boss Duck Calls, Hayes Calls, and WTF (We Talk Fowl). Palin must’ve appreciated that one since she’s used the WTF acronym in a Facebook post or two over the years.

Although a lot of fun, make no mistake… duck calls have an important purpose. “Duck hunters are heroes and champions of conservation of our wetlands and the wildlife that reside there,” said Palin. 

Carroll figured he’d get in on the action himself, so he picked up his very own duck caller. Unlike the over 70 competitors who know the art of duck calling forward and back, Carroll is admittedly terrible at it. When he blew his new shiny red caller it sounded like a duck hit by a truck. “I have no idea what that was,” Palin said of Carroll’s duck calling attempt.
The duck calling championship is part of Wings Over The Prairie Festival, which includes a duck gumbo cook off. Carroll gormandized on everything from duck tamales to duck egg rolls.
All in all it was an enjoyable day, but as world champion caller Brad Allen who took the title for the third time, told Carroll, “Don’t quit your day job.”
Next up, a trip to Texas for Benny and the bulls. Palin dispatched Benny Spies to the Great American Bull Run in Houston. Modeled after the running of the bulls tradition in Spain, participants run around a track while more than a dozen bulls give chase. Spies is easy for the bulls to spot. He’s dressed in a cape, long underwear, a ridiculous Kyle Broflovski style hat and a pair of shades.
Somehow, Spies makes it through unscathed, along with most of the runners. At least one guy was gored and trampled by a bull though, demonstrating how dangerous the endeavor is. All this for an adrenaline rush.
After running away from some big beef, the revelers run right for 30-thousand pounds of tomatoes. The Tomato Royale is basically a big, grown-up food fight. Spies is right in the middle of things even though he admittedly doesn’t like tomatoes. A messy, childish activity all in the name of fun. The smiles on everyone’s faces proves they achieved their goal.
This episode of Amazing America with Sarah Palin focused on our penchant for having a ball and prioritizing good times. “We Americans never shy away from an adventure and that is the spirit that keeps us moving forward, growing, and having a great time doing it,” Palin said.
Only in America.
Amazing America with Sarah Palin airs on Sportsman Channel Thursdays at 8pm ET.