Pizza Shortages Due to US World Cup Game

Pizza Shortages Due to US World Cup Game

The World Cup match between the United States and Germany created pizza shortages around the country, with one restaurant in Kentucky saying that the game, which started at noon eastern, was responsible for an extra month of sales. 

In Washington, D.C., which has had the highest ratings in the United States for the World Cup, there were many pizza shortages: “Washington Deli took a 14-pizza order online to feed game-watching staff at Washingtonian, but then called to say that they wouldn’t be able to fill it.”

Washingtonian also reported that “at ZPizza in Chinatown, the manager reported a logjam of ten deliveries in 30 minutes and estimated a two-hour wait for delivery orders,” and “at Bertucci’s on Connecticut Avenue, staffers said they were too busy to talk until well after kickoff.” 

In Louisville, Kentucky, Saints Pizza and Pub in St. Matthews had so many customers that its general manager said, “it’s basically like getting a whole extra month of sales.”

USA Today reported that Pizza Hut’s sales were “up more than 50% for a normal Thursday.”

Papa John’s in Chicago, according to the outlet, also had a flood of customers. 

The U.S. lost to Germany 1-0, but advanced to the knockout stage because Portugal beat Ghana.