Wimbledon Bans Flasks of Tea to Strengthen Security

Wimbledon Bans Flasks of Tea to Strengthen Security

Major sports events are always a terrorist mark and Wimbledon is not an exception. Due to over 500 British nationals in the terror group ISIS security is doubled at Wimbledon and no one is allowed to bring in flasks of tea.

From The London Evening Standard:

Guards from security firm G4S are believed to have told punters that the ban follows the bombings at the Boston Marathon last year, in which pressure cooker bombs were used to kill three people and injure hundreds more.

Cool boxes and camping chairs are also not permitted, but punters will find themselves stung particularly badly if it is a hot drink they are after: a cup of tea is priced at £2.10, while a coffee will set you back £2.30.

The food and drinks are expensive, but everything is at these events. I just bought a sweater since I forgot mine at the hotel and it set me back £50. There is a lot of security at Wimbledon, but I do not feel locked in or watched. Security guards check bags before a person enters and in the case of the press, like me, our belongings go through a machine. It is my first time at Wimbledon, but it does not feel like a jail. There are plenty of people at every entrance to buildings and courts, but nothing intimidating.