Crimson Trace 'Rail Master Pro' Changes The Way You Look at The Dark

Crimson Trace 'Rail Master Pro' Changes The Way You Look at The Dark

Crimson Trace has come to be known for the durability and accuracy of the integrated lasers they make for everything from Glocks to Kimbers to Smith & Wesson semi-autos, snub-nose revolvers, and beyond. Each laser is specifically designed to fit a certain gun make and model (e.g., a Glock 42, a Kimber Solo, a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm, and so on.)

But ironically, Crimson Trace may have outdone themselves with a rail-mounted laser/light combo made for “most rail-adapted pistols, rifles, and shotguns,” rather than for a certain make and model. 

Called the Rail Master Pro, this new product combines a laser–red or green, your choice–with “a powerful 100-Lumen LED white light” that helps you see what goes bump in the night in your house or outside of your vehicle. The laser/light combo is activated with Crimson Trace’s Instant Activation tabs, which are located at your fingertips when the Rail Master Pro is mounted on a pistol. 

It takes just a few minutes to mount the Rail Master Pro on the rail of a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. After that, it takes only minutes more to zero in the laser with the adjustment tools that Crimson Trace provides.

The Rail Master Pro comes pre-programmed with four operational modes: Laser and light together, laser only, light only, or laser on with light in strobe mode. 

In the default mode of laser/light together, the Rail Master Pro changes the way you look at the dark. 

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