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Michael Vick the Answer to Geno Smith Questions

Michael Vick the Answer to Geno Smith Questions

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ–This game was there for the Jets to take.

And they couldn’t, losing 27-19 to an injury-ravaged Chicago Bears team because their quarterback is way too inconsistent.

The Chicago Bears enter the game without cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Sherrick McManis, and then lost safeties Chris Conte, Ryan Mundy and Danny McCray during the game.

Add this to the fact that starting DT Jay Ratliff and OLB Shea McClellin were out.

And the Jets scored just one touchdown. They had to settle for four field goals.

Geno Smith is too married to his first read, and needs guys to flash open before he throws. There are no timing routes, not a lot of 50-50 balls.

He threw a horrible Pick Six to safety Ryan Mundy on the Jets’ first offensive series. He overthrew a screen pass to running back Chris Johnson right into the arms of Mundy, who returned it for a touchdown.

In the third quarter, with a first-and-ten on the Bears’ 18, Smith threw a pick in the end zone right to CB Kyle Fuller. It was a terrible decision.

“The decision was to throw the ball was to give the guy a chance at the ball,” Smith said.

If you want to give your 6’5” receiver a chance to win a jump ball, you need to throw it high, not on a line drive.

Early on the Jets’ last possession, Smith threw a pass right into the arms of linebacker Jon Bostic, who dropped it. The drive eventually stalled, and the Bears ran out the clock.

“I feel good about Geno Smith,” said Rex Ryan after the game.

Ryan is clearly in denial.

“You wish you had a couple of plays back,” Ryan said.

Of course you do. Just like he would want back the 21 picks, including five pick sixes, that Smith threw last season.

Ryan, who was called “loyal to the point of defiance,” by former Jets, Ravens, and Broncos defensive lineman Trevor Pryce, thinks Smith will improve from his experience tonight.

“He will learn from it – his heart is in the right spot,” Ryan said.

That sounds like a T-Ball quote, not an NFL quote.

The Jets need to seriously consider turning to veteran Michael Vick at quarterback. And they need to do it before their season slips away.


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