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Jets QB Woes Spark NY Media to Demand: 'Bring Back Tebow!'

Jets QB Woes Spark NY Media to Demand: 'Bring Back Tebow!'

On Monday, the New York Daily News ran a headline on their back page (which is the front page of their sports section) calling for the Jets to “Bring Back Tebow!”

This follows the Jets’ fourth loss in a row, a 31-0 shellacking at the hands of the San Diego Chargers.

In this game, Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith completed 4 of 12 passes in the first half for 47 yards and a 7.6 QB rating.

Rex Ryan benched him at halftime in favor of Michael Vick, who didn’t fare much better. As bad as it may have looked on national television, the quarterback play from the Jets looked worse live from Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

The Daily News was clearly trying to sell papers with that headline. It’s not steeped in reality, and they know that.

Tebow, who played for the Jets in 2012 but never got a shot to start at quarterback, isn’t the answer–for the Jets, or perhaps any other NFL team with QB ills.

While he’s a salt-of-the-earth person, and the NFL could certainly use more of those in light of some of league’s off-the-field player issues, he’s not an NFL caliber passer.


Much like the Jets’ current starting quarterback, Tebow doesn’t read defenses particularly well. In college, he could get away with this because so often your first read is open. But in the NFL you have to go through your progressions, and Tebow isn’t good at that.

Like the current Jets QB, he doesn’t make quick decisions, which is so important with all the blitzing that goes on in the NFL. You need to get rid of the football fast. Tebow holds the ball too long.

He also has an elongated throwing motion, which helps defensive backs jump routes because the ball takes too long to come out of his hand.

Perhaps Tebow could help the Jets or some other team as a fullback or tight end–he’s a winner and a football player–but not as a quarterback. And he certainly would upgrade the character, integrity, and virtue of any locker room that he would join. But that’s probably not what the New York Daily News had in mind by plastering his name across the back page.

Dan Leberfeld edits Jets Confidential and writes for Breitbart Sports. 


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