Kobe Beef: Twitter Fight Prompts Drive for an Xmas Basketball Beatdown

Kobe Bryant calls teammates soft as toilet paper

Kobe Bryant’s career may be slowly cooling down, but the passions he engenders among his fans remain red-hot.

Two men got into a Twitter fight over Kobe that catalyzed one Kobe fan to drive forty minutes to Temecula, California, to fight the Kobe-critic in person. It all started when a Twitter user, Tweetgood Mac @SnottieDrippen tweeted: ”I don’t see any tweets saying the Thunder better without Durant….. Aren’t they winning w/o him #ButWhenItsKobe”

A Laker fan calling himself ItsOnlyTheInternet? @MyTweetsRealAF took umbrage, responding: “Before you jump in someone’s mentions you don’t follow, might want to find the context of the tweets, fuck stick. ‪@SnottieDrippen

The fight online escalated into a challenge from the Lakers fan to physically fight, and when his challenge was accepted, triggering him to drive forty minutes to Temecula to fight in a duel of basketball fanatics. Scores of tweets between the two men flew back and forth as one man drove to fight the other, but the argument can be adumbrated by a select group from the would-be attacker:

Ultimately, @ScottieDrippen did not show up, after @MyTweetsRealAF drove to Temecula on Christmas day, leaving his family, which prompted a flurry of tweets calling @ScottieDrippen a coward:

The great mano-a-mano never materialized, despite hundreds of tweets from supporters of both men, and leaving the macho man mocking the lack of machismo in our modern world: