Sarah Palin TV Show’s New Season Highlights Marksmanship, Healing Through Sports

Sarah Palin
There are a few tweaks to the show this time around compared to last year’s inaugural season, but one thing remains the same. Amazing America with Sarah Palin highlights interesting people and showcases them in a way that viewers can really get to know these extraordinary Americans. Season Two of the Sportsman Channel program premiered this week with back-to-back episodes and the hour block of Palin TV gives us a good idea about what we can expect moving forward this year.Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the host of the show once again and comedian/farmer Jerry Carroll returns as a field host. Carroll left us laughing last season and he’s back for more jokes and the willingness to try just about anything. The new field host is former Miss USA Tara Conner. She’s new at this, but already off and running with her engaging personality and caring nature.

The first episode inspires. Wounded Warriors take center stage. Wounded vets are honored with mortgage-free homes through the Operation Finally Home organization. We have the privilege of meeting some wounded vets. Staff Sergeant John McCrillis, a hero in his own right, now fights for his brothers and sisters of in arms, running a group that helps soldiers get jobs after being hurt in battle.
J.R. Martinez who sustained severe burns over 34 percent of his body while serving in Iraq also appears on the program. The Army soldier turned Dancing With The Stars champion and soap opera actor offers motivation to so many people in and out of uniform. Specialist Charlie Lemon lost his legs and a dear friend while defending America. Men like this remind us who the true heroes really are. Conner got to meet all of these men and after getting choked up in awe of their sacrifices she has a little fun riding horses and shooting guns with them.
Viewers were also treated to an inside look at the incredible Warrior Games. Wounded vets take part in wheelchair basketball and other sports to gain a sense of pride and normalcy despite catastrophic injury. In case anyone needs a reminder of the real sacrifice our brave men and women who served and protected our freedoms have given our country, Amazing America captures that spirit perfectly. Carroll learned up close and personal just how physical and competitive wheelchair hoops can be. Carroll also got a crash course in shooting and archery from injured veterans.
Palin summed things up beautifully reminding Americans to honor our vets. “Say thank you, pick up a dinner check,” Palin recommended.
Warrior Games may one day go international. Great Britain recently started a similar version of athletic competition.
“I cannot say enough about the good that sports can do,” Palin said.
In true Palin fashion, the second new episode highlighted powerful firearms. The sharp-shooting Gould Brothers show off trick shot skills with Winchesters. Carroll spends the day with the witty brother tandem in Minnesota. The exhibition shooters wow crowds with their family friendly shooting shows. The Goulds entertain but they also promote outdoorsmanship, gun safety, and preservation. Their tricks are appropriately amazing for Sarah Palin’s program. Even Carroll gets the opportunity to participate and after connecting on some trick shots of his own, Palin dubs him “eagle eye.”
Next stop for Carroll, Texas, to check out some state of the art riflescope technology that makes 1,000-yard shots possible for any shooter. That could come in handy for hunters and target shooters across the country. Carroll gets a tour of the Trackingpoint company and later he goes out in the field to give their wares a try. After Carroll connects, hitting a target that’s 1,200 yards away, it is safe to say the Trackingpoint way works, big time.
Along with providing accuracy from long distance, Trackingpoint is also pro-soldier. The lock-and-launch-technology gurus employ 95 workers and about half of them are veterans. So as Palin put it they are “doing something amazing and good.”
That’s how the first two episodes of Amazing America with Sarah Palin Season 2 could be described as well. More amazing and good stuff coming up next week.
Amazing America with Sarah Palin airs Thursday nights on Sportsman Channel.