Vince Wilfork Pulls Woman from Wreck after Game

Vehicle Rollover on Rt. 1 in Foxboro, MA

Vince Wilfork helped the New England Patriots destroy the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night. Then he helped a 38-year-old woman trapped in a vehicle rolled on its side early Monday morning.

“I saw somebody that needed help,” the big man explained to the Boston Herald, “and I helped.”

The nose tackle reportedly used one hand to lift the trapped woman from her jeep. Then the cops put both of her hands in cuffs. The police allege inebriation on the woman’s part.

“Through football and the course of life I learned to try and stay poised in certain situations,” Wilfork told reporters on Monday. “I’m pretty sure she was kind of scared. That last thing I wanted to do is have her panic. That’s the first thing I told her, ‘Don’t panic.’”

The accident occurred on Route 1, a chokepoint for vehicles traveling to interstate highways after exiting Gillette Stadium lots after events. The road conditions, like the field conditions, were wet on an unseasonably warm night.

Wilfork, one of just two players on New England’s roster to own a ring from the team’s string of three championships, competes in his fourth Super Bowl on February 1 in Glendale, Arizona.