Colts Player Who Set Off Deflate-Gate: ‘Intensity,’ Not Ball ‘Pressure’ Led to Pats Win

D'Qwell Jackson
Julio Cortez/AP

The linebacker whose interception of a Tom Brady pass set off the Deflate-gate controversy says he could not feel any difference in the ball he intercepted and the balls blown up to code.

“I wouldn’t know how that could even be an advantage or a disadvantage,” D’Qwell Jackson told “I definitely wouldn’t be able to tell if one ball had less pressure than another.”

Jackson insists he didn’t blow the whistle on the Patriots to the whistle blowers. He says he just wants the souvenir he earned fair and square back in his possession.

“It wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game,” Jackson said. “They outplayed us. We didn’t match their intensity. I don’t feel slighted at all personally. They created turnovers, they ran the ball on us. They won that game because of their intensity — not the pressure of a football.”