Bill Belichick: I Like Monkey Puppets

Bill Belichick Twitter

Bill Belichick opened up beyond the stock “it is what it is” response to reporters’ questions at Super Bowl media day on Tuesday.

“I like a little puppet that you can put your fingers in,” the grim-faced head coach told an inquiring little girl. “A little monkey.”

The grade-school reporter was none other than sidelined linebacker Jerod Mayo’s daughter.

The New England Patriots coach, bedecked in trademark hoodie as well as jeans and sandals, also revealed his cinematic preferences. When asked about recent movies he had watched, Belichick volunteered American Sniper, Unbroken, and the first two movies in the Home Alone series.

Followers of all things Belichick already know him as a fan of My Cousin Vinny. Last week, he name dropped Marisa Tomei’s “Mona Lisa Vito” character in downplaying his expertise in the science of air pressure and footballs.

Belichick coaches in his ninth Super Bowl, and sixth as a head coach, on Sunday.