Charles Barkley Considering Support of Chris Christie or Jeb Bush


NBA legend and analyst for TNT Charles Barkley has come out saying that he plans on leaving Democrats to support either Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) or former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) in the 2016 election.

Barkley told Sports Illustrated, “I am paying close attention to the political situation. I have always voted Democratic. But I like some of the Republicans this time around. I like Chris Christie. I like Jeb Bush. I like those guys.”

However, Barkley expressed disappointment with Christie for saying in London that parents should have more choice on whether to vaccinate their children.

“I was very disappointed in Chris Christie the other day on the measles thing,” Barkley said. “It is a shame that these guys are afraid of just answering the question and trying to make everyone agree with you.”

He continued, “They answered the question and started getting blowback and criticism and then change up. I’m like, dude, your opinion is just your f—-ing opinion. I don’t understand why you answer a question and think everyone is going to agree with you. You can’t live your life like that.”

Barkley also commented on foreign policy, calling the actions of Jordan’s King Abdullah in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq “heroic” and that he wishes President Barack Obama was more like that.

“I think Abdullah’s actions when they burned that kid alive, I thought his actions were heroic,” Barkley said. “He was like, ‘no, you cannot do that to my people.’ I wish President Obama was like that sometimes. I do. I think that is the way we have to treat ISIS. We can’t keep thinking it will go away. I thought it was heroic what Abdullah did.”

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