Trainer: Manny Pacquiao ‘Performing a Public Service’ When He Beats ‘Disrespectful’ Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao
The Associated Press

Freddie Roach believes that if Manny Pacquiao wins against Floyd Mayweather the world wins.

And he thinks the outcome is a “when” rather than an “if.”

”Floyd is so disrespectful,” Pacquiao’s trainer told the Associated Press. ”Manny is the perfect role model for this fight and Mayweather is not. I told Manny we’ve got to beat him for the whole world. There’s no way we can’t win this fight.”

While on the subject of respect, Roach told the AP that a great advantage for his fighter involves his opponent’s trainer. ”Going against Floyd Sr. is a little disappointing,” Roach opined. ”He just isn’t very good, especially during the fight itself. One of our advantages is having him in the other corner.”

Roach divulged that he hired seven armed guards to keep the riff-raff away from his gym in the lead up to the fight and that he gave his imprimatur to his fighter shooting a music video for a song he recorded that he plans to use as entrance music before the big fight.

The 36-year-old Filipino enters the biggest match of his career at 57-5-2. Mayweather, 38, boasts a perfect 47-0 record. The Las Vegas fight likely breaks records for a boxing match’s live-gate and pay-per-view revenue but not the number of subscription buys. The $89.95 retail price makes it a longshot for it to eclipse the 2.4 million buys that De La Hoya-Mayweather enjoyed eight years ago.

Pac Man will not only break records. He will, according to his trainer, perform an act of altruism on May 2: ”Manny will be performing a public service for boxing when he beats Floyd.”