Tournament Coaches React to Obama Bracket Snubs

Obama Calipari AP

President Obama selected uber-favorite Kentucky to win the NCAA tournament. Now the overlooked also-rans in his bracket are picking on him.

The president picking Davidson to upset sixth-seeded Providence didn’t sit well with Friars coach Ed Cooley, who told the commander in chief “to worry about foreign policy and our budget.”

“Everybody has their opinions,” Cooley conceded Wednesday night. “But I was just telling my team that nobody thinks we can win. If the President of the United States doesn’t think you can win? I love Barack, I voted for him a couple times. I may take back a couple of my votes but he has to worry about foreign policy and our budget.”

The president meted out another big diss to the Big East in predicting eleven-seed Texas to send Butler home in the first round. The presidential pick remains one of the few in which Obama predicted a team ranked lower by the committee to beat a team with a better seed, although oddsmakers see the Longhorns as the favorite.

“I notice not many people are picking us, including our president,” Butler coach Chris Holtmann joked. “So that’s going to be the last time I vote for him.”

Villanova coach Jay Wright took the president’s placement of his team in the national title game, albeit on the losing end to the other Wildcats, as a compliment.

“I wasn’t looking at that as a negative,” Wright explained. “I was thinking he was a pretty smart guy. That’s interesting. That’s flattering. I know he’s a Georgetown fan, so he’s seen us a couple times, I’m sure. That’s cool. I’ll take that as a positive that he put us in the finals.”