Gay Ex-NFL Player Charged with Biting Police Officer

Kwame Harris

Kwame Harris, a retired offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, faces charges involving separate hit-and-run crashes, drunk driving, and biting a police officer.

San Francisco cops allege that they found the former first-round pick out of Stanford sleeping in a running vehicle in a driveway on Sunday night. Two hit-and-run accidents preceded the cops encountering Harris. Though the accidents involved two separate vehicles causing the collisions, cops suspect Harris in both cases. When a policeman attempted to arrest Harris in the driveway, the former 49er bit him, the cops say.

Paramedics suspect the player was under the influence of drugs, claims a report in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Sporting a grayer, thinner look than during his playing days, the 33-year-old stares to the side with black studs in his ears and an annoyed look in his eyes in his mugshot.

The arrest is not Harris’s first. Three years ago, cops arrested Harris after a fight in a Chinese restaurant with his boyfriend after the smaller man poured soy sauce on rice. The incident led to a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction and Harris announcing himself as a homosexual, one of a small number of ex-NFL players to do so. Less than a year after Harris publicized his sexuality, Michael Sam, a defensive end out of Missouri subsequently drafted by the St. Louis Rams, came out of the closet.