Hernandez Victim’s Mother: I Forgive

Ursula Ward
The Associated Press

Shortly after a jury sentenced Aaron Hernandez to life in prison, victim Odin Lloyd’s mother issued a powerful message of forgiveness to the former New England Patriot and his accomplices.

“The day I laid my son Odin Lloyd to rest I felt my heart stop beating for a moment,” Ursala Ward explained in a victim-impact statement. “I felt like I wanted to go into that hole with my son, Odin.”

Ms. Ward noted her belief that she will someday be reunited with her slain son.

Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd, a friend who dated the sister of the player’s fiancee, in the early morning hours of June 17, 2013. The victim was found with six bullet wounds in an industrial park a short distance from Hernandez’s home after spending much of the evening with the tight end.

A sobbing Ward recounted what the crime took from her: a son, potential grandchildren, her son telling her how beautiful she is, expressions of love, and much more. Despite her loss, she gave the defendant, who has yet to give her an acknowledgement of his deed, forgiveness.

Ward told the court, “I forgive the hands of the people who had a hand in my son’s murder — either before or after — and I pray and hope that some day everybody out there will forgive them also.”