15-Year-Old ‘Hunter Girl’ Tracks, Kills Grizzly Bear Hours Before Prom

Cassidy Kramer
Kramer Family via KTUU

On April 25 Cassidy Kramer tracked bears along Alaska’s Noatak River. She passed on the first few she found and then finally killed her bear as “it was running up the side of a mountain.”

She shot the bear at approximately 5:40 pm. She had to be at prom at Kotzebue Middle High School at 8 p.m.

According to 2 KTUU, Cassidy’s father, Lance, guided the bear hunt, stressing how important “predator control” is when it comes to protecting at-risk populations like Moose. He indicated that Cassidy’s first shot caused the bear to start “tumbling,” and once it stopped she killed it with a second shot.

Lance said: “It’s important to go out and get bears in the springtime. We always try to get a spring bear every year, this time of year.”

He said the bear Cassidy shot would “eventually kill a lot of moose cubs” if it had not been taken out.

Cassidy made it back home at 7 p.m., showered and swapped her hunting attire for a prom dress and high heels in time to be at prom at 8. Her mother commented, “I think it’s her first time wearing heels like that—she’s a hunter girl.”

The bear Cassidy shot will be donated to her grandmother for food.

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