OLÉ! Angels Fans Set Guinness Record of Sombrero Wearing

Angels Sombreros AP

The Los Angeles Angels OF Anaheim won a spectacular victory over the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday when Carlos Perez in his MLB debut hit a walk off homerun in the ninth inning. But, it was the 25,111 cheering fans wearing sombreros to celebrate Cinco de Mayo that set a new Guinness world record.

The Angels handed out the Mexican broad brimmed hats adorned with the Angel logo and colors to all who walked through the gate for last night’s game. When the scoreboard instructed everyone to put on the hat at one point in the game, the historic feat was accomplished.

Sports Illustrated reported that this was not the first time Angels fans participated in a Guinness world record involving hats. In the summer of 2014 the Angels crowd set the record for most Santa hats worn by a gathering of people.

If you are impressed with these remarkable achievement in sports, hold on tight because there is more. The angels are the proud record holders of the most people wearing cowboy hats, most people wearing wigs, and most people wearing fleece blankets.