Rob Gronkowski Speaks of Deflated Balls

Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady
The Associated Press

Rob Gronkowski offered a non-verbal reaction on Wednesday to reporters running after him with questions on Deflategate at a charity event. He offered, in non sequitur fashion, the double-biceps flex.

The always loose tight end then thought about the controversy and brought his response to the vulgar in vulgar fashion.

“You know, these sure aren’t deflating,” Gronkowski said of his muscles in a video he posted. “These are only inflating. So, get ready because I’m gonna be ready.”

Tom Brady’s big target complained in the short video posted online that the journalists hectoring him overlooked the charitable event he appeared at and instead obsessed over his reaction to the Wells Report that called it “probable” that Gronkowski’s quarterback knew of skullduggery surrounding the balls used in the AFC Championship Game.

“There’s only on thing that you can deflate,” Gronkowski loudly concluded. “These n—!”