Raiders Coach: Deflategate Punishment ‘Overreaction’

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The Associated Press

Tom Brady started his amazing NFL postseason run by burying the Oakland Raiders in the snow because of an obscure rule. Now the new coach of the Raiders says the punishment imposed upon the New England Patriots as a result of an obscure rule is “overdone.”

Jack Del Rio thinks the rule itself is a bit antiquated.

“Everybody understands that quarterbacks all want to get the balls how they like them, and why not?” Jack Del Rio told the Associated Press. “They throw these balls around, and one of the reasons the sport is so popular is the ability of guys like Peyton [Manning] and Brady to throw the ball the way they do.”

Del Rio thinks the NFL’s punishment for Deflategate is overblown.

The former USC linebacker, while enjoying his weekend induction into the school’s athletic hall of fame, compared the controversy ensnaring the New England Patriots to the one that resulted in sanctions on his alma mater in the wake of the Reggie Bush scandal.

“I think there are some similarities in terms of an overreaction, from my standpoint,” Del Rio noted. “I think it was a little bit overdone, but that’s somebody else’s problem right now.”