Hunting Show Too ‘Politically Incorrect’ For Canadian TV

Canada in the Rough
Canada in the Rough

Ammoland recently published a story on the Beaseley brothers’ hunting show Canada in the Rough, which airs in 27 countries but can’t find a television station or broadcaster willing to air it in Canada.

According to Ammoland, Canada In The Rough “ran on Global TV for eight years until the day Keith Beasley received a telephone call from a Global network executive telling him that the network would no longer sell him airtime for Canada in the Rough.”

And Keith Beasley claims the reason behind the cancellation is simple: “Canada in the Rough shows hunting and firearms ownership in a positive light.”

The Beasley brothers said:

It had nothing to do with ratings, and it had nothing to do with what we were. It had everything to do with our content. Our content was guns and hunting. And just like that, the Canadian hunting landscape changed on a dime, and we’ve never recovered from it.

Ammoland paraphrased the Global TV rationale: “Hunting is politically incorrect [and the network no longer] had the courage to continue televising this Canadian outdoor heritage activity.”

So, programs that show hunting as a conservation and subsistence practice, which are the things hunting ultimately boils down to, cannot be shown, even in a country where people travel from all over the world to hunt.

Why? Because political correctness dictates it.

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