North Dakota: 20 Student-Athletes to Watch in 2015-16


The North Dakota State Bison continue to be one of the best football teams in the country even though they don’t play in the FBS. Expect Joe Haag to knock some defenders down to make room for Andrew Bonnet’s runs and Carons Wentz’ passing this season.

We ran the Value Add Sports calculations on all returning North Dakota athletes and emailed 5 sports writers and other experts in the state to help rank the 25 state players to watch on a list we will update here.

North Dakota has also moved up in divisions in recent years, but not without leaving something behind. The NCAA required them to drop the Fighting Sioux nickname.

While those two schools monopolize the state’s top athletes list, the guy who finally broke Babe Ruth’s season home run record, Roger Maris, remains the greatest player ever from the state according to the December 23, 2012, Bleacher Report.

One of the most interesting stars is Erin Teschuk (pictured), who is a World Qualifier in the 3,000 steeplechase, and competed for Canada at the Pan Am Games and in the NCAA Finals.

Dexter Werner of North Dakota State expects to make a huge jump based on his rating at, after scoring a season-high 22 points in the NCAA Tournament game vs. Gonzaga and developing a cult-like following during the postseason. 

  1. Joe Haag, North Dakota State Bison, Foot, OLine
  2. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State Bison, Foot, QB
  3. Shelby Amsley-Benzie, UniversityofNorthDakota, Hockey-Men,
  4. Dexter Werner, North Dakota St., Basket, C
  5. Andrew Bonnet, North Dakota State Bison, Foot, RB
  6. Erin Teschuk, North Dakota State, Track, Steeple Chase
  7. Zane McIntyre, UniversityofNorthDakota, Hockey-Men,
  8. Ben LeComple, North Dakota State Bison, Foot, Kicker
  9. Matti Mortimore, North Dakota State, Track,
  10. Sierra Rosenau, North Dakota State, Track,
  11. Alyssa Reina, North Dakota State, Softball,
  12. Kory Brown, North Dakota St., Basket, PG
  13. Sierra Bonham, North Dakota State, Soccer,
  14. Quinton Hooker, North Dakota, Basket, SG
  15. Cheyenne Garcia, North Dakota State, Softball,
  16. Lauren Miller, North Dakota State, Soccer,
  17. Natalie Roth, North Dakota State, Golf,
  18. Taylor Thundstedt, North Dakota State, Basketball,
  19. Carlin Dupree, North Dakota St., Basket, PG
  20. A.J. Jacobson, North Dakota St., Basket, PF


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