Lions Receiver Ryan Broyles Lives on $60K a Year

Ryan Broyles Getty

Junior Seau lost millions through bad investments, ripoffs, alimony, and gambling. Dexter Manley sold a Super Bowl ring to feed a Rick James-sized cocaine habit. But Ryan Broyles looks to live larger once his NFL career ends.

Ryan who?

He’s not as famous as the late Chargers linebacker or the clean-and-sober Redskins pass rusher. He’s just more frugal, prudent, and disciplined.

The Detroit Lions receiver, who has made more than $3 million during his career, lives on $60,000 a year, according to a profile at ESPN. He chauffeurs himself to practice in a Ford Focus. His wife drives a Mazda. We hear the Detroit real-estate market offers some deals for the penny-pinching home buyer, too.

“Whatever comes, it’s just a blessing,” Broyles reflects on money. “But I got the mindset of a businessman off the field, I’ll tell you that.”

Broyles says his pennywise attitude allows him to play for fun rather than worry about money. The reserve receiver enjoyed his best professional season last year. He caught 22 balls, including two for touchdowns, for 310 yards.

“I studied as much as I could,” Broyles tells ESPN. “Talked to people wealthier than me, smarter than me. So that definitely helps.”