Off-Duty Cop Chauffeured Patrick Kane Night of Alleged Rape

Patrick Kane

Off-duty Buffalo police officer and longtime family friend Lieutenant Thomas English drove Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane around on August 2nd, the night he allegedly raped a woman.

He told investigators he did not witness any inappropriate behavior.

English attended the SkyBar with Kane, the alleged victim, and other friends. He agreed to drive them all back to Kane’s house in the early morning hours. Throughout the night, English never witnessed anything inappropriate in the group.

“It was a mutual agreement to go hang out at the house,” he stated.

He said the alleged victim persuaded her friend to join the group to Kane’s house. His statement contradicts claims given to the police from three other sources. Those witnesses insist “the alleged rape victim went to Kane’s home because of her friend’s urging.”

English does not know if Kane already knew the alleged victim. He also admitted he only dropped off the group and did not enter the house.

Now English is under investigation “to determine whether English was with Kane at any time he was supposed to be on duty.” The Buffalo News reported that the off-duty cop “was scheduled to work a half-shift that night at the police cell block.” The other half was off for personal leave. English insists he took off the entire night “with personal leave time.”

After The Buffalo News published English’s account, Kane’s lawyer Paul Cambria took issue with a Buffalo blogger’s opinion on the news. Alan Bedenko stated he believed that English’s account is not relevant and should not speak to the press. Cambria fired back that Bedenko and others should “respect the process” since “anyone who is an eyewitness has something important to say.”


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