From China with Love: Stephon Marbury Instagrams Eulogy for Flip Saunders

Phil "Flip" Saunders, coach of Minnesota Timberwolves, dies of cancer

Stephon Marbury, who spent his rookie season in the NBA playing for second-season coach Flip Saunders in Minnesota, Instagrammed an emotional eulogy for his former coach.

Saunders died at 60 on Sunday of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Marbury, who know plays half-a-world away in China, reflected on the man who taught him to play point guard as an extension of the coach.

My heart and all of my love goes out to Flip Saunders Family as your leader leaves this earth in the flesh. His spirit lives in the present as we speak. In 1996 Flip became a father figure and my first #NBA coach. Wow how fast time blows by.

Our conversations were so meaningful in ways that helped me understand the game of life by explaining the game of basketball. Your kind soul and loving ways helped me understand how to play the most important position in the sport of basketball. You gave me not only the chance to perform at a high level but a chance to communicate my thoughts on the game. You taught me how to play the pick and roll but you also taught me how to pick up and roll with the good and bad in the life. As a rookie we had so many conversations in such a short time period. You said “The point guard has to be the extension to the coach” These words lived inside of me as I’ve had my share of ups and downs with coaches.

I guess when I left you I went on a journey to end up with a similar coach 7,000 miles away. I thank you for giving me my foundation in how to play the professional way. I thank you for giving me unconditional love as if I was your son when I was so young. It was so needed as KG and I needed all of it to get where we are now. What an impact you’ve had on so many humans on earth. What a father you’ve been to your children as I can remember Ryan aka RyeKnow when he was a little boy. We will miss you as a piece of your children’s hearts have been taken but we will celebrate you forever.

Thank God that love is the most powerful thing to give and receive. The love from all will be shared to help the healing process from the pain of your flesh not being present. I know you will RIP because you did all of what you did on earth in your lifeline. I say #FlipForever as we all grow from your teachings and messages. I LOVE YOU and I’ll miss you until we meet again. #LoveisLove

P.S As for your amazing Wife Debbie and girls Mindy, Rachel, and Kimberly thank you for sharing your dad with all the people who’s lives your dad touched. I can feel your pain because I know your love for your dad. I pray for peace in your heart.

The talented point guard, who marketed “Starbury” sneakers for $14.98 during his NBA career, lost his own father during a game. He heard the news of his passing right losing to the Suns when he played for the New York Knicks.

Marbury played his first three NBA seasons for Saunders before making All-Star teams with the New Jersey Nets and Phoenix Suns. He earned a Chinese Basketball Association Finals MVP nod this past season. He applied to become a permanent resident of China earlier this year.