World Series Starter’s Dad Dies Before Game

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The Associated Press

The father of Kansas City Royals Game One starter Edinson Volquez died hours before the most important outing of his career.

“His’s wife’s wish was that he not be told before or during this start,” Joe Buck reported on Fox’s broadcast. “With respect to that, we kept that news quiet until he came out of the game.”

With televisions blaring in the stadium, Fox hoped to not inadvertently break the sad news to the pitcher in a most impersonal way. Buck claimed that Volquez learned of his loss after finishing his start and entering the clubhouse, where family members greeted him with the news. Then, the broadcaster revealed to viewers what web surfers knew for hours.

Whereas Kansas City’s public relations honcho informed Fox that Volquez entered the game oblivious to the passing of his father, ESPN reported, “The pitcher heard the news while on his way to Kauffman Stadium.”

Daniel Volquez died in the Dominican Republic of complications from heart disease at 63. Kansas City Star columnist Vahe Gregorian reports that the player’s father worked as a mechanic, gifting a Pedro Martinez glove to his son as a small boy.

Volquez pitched solidly, relieved after six innings of work with a no decision. He allowed three runs on six hits and a walk. The roller coaster of emotions that included starting his first World Series game and learning of the death of the man who taught him to play baseball ended with the Royals winning the game 5-4 in the 14th inning.