Donald Trump: Don’t Make Football ‘Too Politically Correct’

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GOP frontrunner Donald Trump does not want the NFL to “soften the game up too much” and make the game “too politically correct.”

In a Fox Sports interview with Colin Cowherd on Monday, Trump said, “people will say, ‘oh, that’s terrible for you to say.’ I was reading yesterday where they’re gonna not to the kickbacks, and they’re not gonna do this — I mean eventually you’re not gonna have… the same game.”

“They have to be careful with that, I think,” Trump said.

When Cowherd said the NFL must “make every effort to make the game safe” and transparent because of “litigious reasons,” Trump said, “don’t make it too politically — you know, what we’re doing in this country now, everything has to be… don’t make too politically correct, right?”

Cowherd then said, “it’s a violent game. There’s violence.”

Trump agreed.

“It’s a violent game,” he said.