800K Fans Celebrate Royals World Series Win Without Rioting, Violence

Kansas City Celebration Royals

An estimated 800,000 people celebrated the Royals’s World Series win on Tuesday, according to Kansas City Mayor Sly James, and they partied without burning cars, rioting and violence.

Kansas City Police Chief Daryl Forte reportedly “said there had only been three arrests and officers encountered few problems as of 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon.” There were also reportedly no World Series-related arrests after the Royals clinched on Sunday evening.

“These last few days have been huge for our city, and I am extremely proud of how everyone has conducted themselves,” Forte said in a statement. “That classiness has continued today. With hundreds of thousands of people piling into just a few square miles of our city, we made very few arrests, and those were for very minor incidents.”

Monday after the Royals clinched, Forte said there were “No fights or arrests during celebrations. Exactly what we expected from our community. Great job by all.”

The Kansas City Police Department wrote on its Facebook page, “And how does KC celebrate a World Series victory? With class. No riots or cars set on fire here.”

When the San Francisco Giants defeated the Royals to win the World Series last year, San Francisco was reportedly a “war zone” with “40 total arrests, 9 police cars damaged, 3 officers injured and 2 people shot,” according to a TMZ report.