Raiders LB Faces Possible Felony Charges for Allegedly Taunting a Police Dog

Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds

A Raider who allegedly taunted a Bandit faces a possible felony charge in Pittsburgh.

The Allegheny County sheriff’s office investigates Oakland Raiders linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong for allegedly beating his chest, jumping up and down, and barking at a police dog patrolling Heinz Field for bombs, of the explosive rather than football variety, on Sunday. Taunting a police dog is a third-degree felony in Pennsylvania.

“The player was leaving the locker room, en route to the field, when he engaged in conduct that was very intimidating and threatening,” Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus told WTAE. That “threatening” behavior allegedly included the player lifting his shirt and beating on his chest and yelling “send the dog” to its keeper.

The K-9 remained on its leash but barked and reacted frantically to the human seeking its attention.

“Once the officer was able to identify the player,” Kraus told WTAE. “There was no rush to arrest at that point. Obviously there was a football game going on. We wanted to make sure we got as much information as we could, properly reviewed it and made a sound judgment how we proceed.”

Ray-Ray Armstrong made a tackle and recovered a fumble in the 38-35 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bandit kept Heinz Field safe from maniacs, at least of the bomb-wielding variety.