Kimber Micro Carry Two Tone: A Super Compact with Full Size Accuracy

Kimber Micro Carry

The Kimber Micro Carry (two tone) is a pocket gun designed for everyday carry and one which is accurate enough to inspire confidence should an unfolding threat force you to draw it in self-defense.

Breitbart News (BNN) had long heard about the Micro Carry but had no opportunity for indepth exposure to it until approximately six weeks ago. Since that time, BNN has fed the Micro Carry various types of ammunition, shot the gun in various settings, and carried it in various configurations. It shot without fail, performed flawlessly, and is extremely comfortable to carry.

Part of the comfort of carrying the Micro Carry is the weight of the gun. It is light—weighing in at 14.8 ounces unloaded. And it is built on a scaled down 1911 frame so it is immediately familiar to shooters who own and/or carry full-size or commander series 1911s.

In addition to the familiarity one immediately feels with the Micro Carry—due to the 1911 design—the gun’s accuracy works as an endearing characteristic. BNN pulled the Micro Carry out of the box and the accuracy was on par with 1911 handguns with larger frames, longer barrels. With the Micro Carry, Kimber set a standard for pocket gun accuracy that will be hard to surpass.

There are a variety of high quality pocket guns currently available for individuals seeking a super compact concealed carry pistol. These include the Glock 42 and the Remington RM380, both of which have numerous points that recommend them as great choices for concealed carry, too. Key differences between the three guns rest on the different actions—double-action (Glock 42), double action only (RM 380), and single action/double action (Micro Carry).

Preferences regarding actions and trigger pulls are things that ultimately depend on the taste of each individual. But for those familiar with 1911s—and especially for anyone who has ever wished for a 1911 that could bncealed in a pocket—the Micro Carry is a wish come true.

One other point about the Micro Carry: it holds 7 rounds in the magazine versus the 6 rounds most other pocket guns chambered in .380 hold. That’s one more round that can be used for self-defense in a situation where your life is on the line.

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