Butterfinger Offers to Pay NFL Players’ Excessive Celebration Fines

Rob Gronkowski
The Associated Press

Butterfinger offers to pay the fines of any players incurring the wrath of the NFL for excessive celebration in this weekend’s championship games and the Super Bowl.

“Butterfinger believes in living life boldly,” Terrell Owens informs in a video released by the candy-bar company, “and I have proven, some of the boldest moves are made after the touchdown.”

Surely a wide receiver, particularly one who led the league in drops during a season, wearing a Butterfinger jersey ranks as a bold move. Perhaps not as bold as pulling a Sharpie from your sock to sign the pigskin you just used to score a touchdown or celebrating after a score on the star at Texas Stadium but it takes some guts.

Butterfinger admits a limit on its boldness. It only agrees to pay up to $50,000 toward a penalty.