Panthers LB Thomas Davis Vows to Play in SB with Broken Arm

Thomas Davis AP

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis broke his arm making a tackle of tight end Darren Fells in the 49-15 drubbing of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game. But he plans to play in the Super Bowl.

His coach and teammates believe him. Davis remains the only player in the league still on the field after three ACL surgeries. He underwent another surgery, this time on his arm, Monday morning. But after eleven years in the NFL, the first-time Pro Bowler vows to compete in his first Super Bowl.

“I ain’t missing the Super Bowl,” Davis told reporters. “You better believe that.”

Davis has less than two weeks to heal.

“The early prognosis is it’s broken,” he noted after the game. “We’ll get it figured out, and I’ll be ready in two weeks.”

Los Angeles Rams defensive end Jack Youngblood famously played in Super Bowl 14 with a broken leg. Terrell Owens caught nine balls for 122 yards at Super Bowl 39 after breaking his leg and seriously injuring his ankle less than two months earlier. Youngblood later titled his autobiography Because It Was Sunday as a nod to his answer about why he played football on a broken left fibula.