Red Sox P Clay Buchholz: Donald Trump ‘Says What a Lot of People Think and Don’t Say’

Sandy Leon, Clay Buchholz
The Associated Press

Clay Buchholz knows no-hitters. He also knows how to “Make America Great Again.”

At least he thinks he does.

The Boston starting pitcher “absolutely” supports Donald Trump. He becomes the second high-profile Boston athlete to offer well-wishes to the Donald’s candidacy. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady kept a red “Make America Great Again” cap in his locker and spoke of his admiration for Trump on several occasions during the 2015 season.

“He says what a lot of people think and don’t say,” Buchholz told the Boston Globe. “I like that part of him.”

Buchholz’s endorsement may stem as much from personal reasons as from political ones. Trump matched the pitcher with his wife at a mixed-martial arts event in Anaheim during the billionaire’s short-lived foray into the cage-fighting business.

Trump for President!

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“I’m not really into politics, but I’m watching a lot more now,” Buchholz  explains. “He’s been awesome to me. He says what’s on his mind, which is why he’s accomplished so much in his life. I always found him to be a good-hearted person. He’s a lot of fun, but he’s obviously one of the smartest businessmen in the world, given what he’s been able to accomplish.”

Pitchers and catchers report for the Red Sox in Fort Myers, Florida, tomorrow. Buchholz hopes to contribute more this season as he settles into a less high-pressure spot in the rotation behind free-agent acquisition David  Price. The 31-year-old veteran went 7-7 with a 3.26 ERA last season in only 18 starts for the Red Sox.

Though not leaving as much of a cultural imprint as the transcendent Tom Brady, Buchholz earned spots on two all-star teams, threw a no-hitter in his second major-league start, and wears World Series rings. Like Brady, Mike Tyson, Herschel Walker, and several other high-profile athletes who came in contact with Trump at one time or another, Buchholz supports his friend’s political aspirations.

“His presence is different than anyone else,” Buchholz maintains. “He speaks and everyone listens.”