Patriots-Trump Lovefest Continues with Trump-Belichick Dinner

Belichick and Trump Instagram

First Tom Brady displayed his red “Make America Great Again” cap in his locker. Then Robert Kraft praised Donald Trump on the eve of the Massachusetts presidential primary.

On Saturday night, Bill Belichick shared a dinner table with the Republican presidential candidate.

The loquacious businessman and tight-lipped coach dined at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach along with Belichick’s girlfriend Linda Holliday and some friends of the couple. One can only imagine the dinner conversation between Belichick and the billionaire (“We’re on to Cincinnati.” “Yuge.”). But anyone can plainly see that the Donald not only got the Hooded One to dress up, he coaxed Emperor Palpatine to smile, too.

Sharing a wonderful dinner and fabulous evening with Milan and @kimbykosanovich #GoodTimes

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Trump lost Kansas and Maine to Ted Cruz on Saturday but picked up wins in Louisiana and Kentucky. He opted to skip CPAC earlier in the day before dining in the Sunshine State with the Belichick and his sunshiny girlfriend.

Trump vigorously defended Belichick’s quarterback in the wake of the Deflategate controversy.

“I think it’s ridiculous the way they’ve treated [Brady],” he said on Fox Business Network over the summer. “He’s a friend of mine—he’s a great friend of mine. He’s a great guy, and I think it’s ridiculous the way they’ve treated him.”

He continued: “To spend $10 million in legal fees, and now it’s probably higher than that, it’s crazy. He’s a great star. They ought to go back to playing football. This country has bigger problems.”