It’s About Time! Cubs World Series Favorite After 107 Seasons of Failure

Andrelton Simmons, Tommy La Stella
The Associated Press

All teams enter the season equal in the standings. But the bookies scoff at such egalitarianism.

The folks at, like other handicappers, see the Chicago Cubs as the favorite to win the World Series. Bettors win $500 on a $100 wager on the North Side’s ball team. Such a victory would mark the first Cubs World Series victory since the Roosevelt administration—the Theodore Roosevelt administration.

It’s an even year, so the Giants pay $800 to win it all. The Toronto Blue Jays, a favorite of baseball’s smart set, make $1,000 out of a $100 bet. The Kansas City Royals, like the New York Mets team they beat last fall, award prognosticators $1,200.

The biggest payoffs come via wagers on a trio of National League clubs. The Reds, Rockies, and Braves all pay $15,000 on a $100.

Here are the odds from OddsShark:

Chicago Cubs +500
San Francisco Giants +800
Toronto Blue Jays +1000
New York Mets +1200
Los Angeles Dodgers +1200
Boston Red Sox +1400
Kansas City Royals +1400
Houston Astros +1600
Washington Nationals +1800
St. Louis Cardinals +1800
Cleveland Indians +1800
Pittsburgh Pirates +2000
Detroit Tigers +2000
Texas Rangers +2500
New York Yankees +2500
Arizona Diamondbacks +2500
Chicago White Sox +3300
Seattle Mariners +4000
Los Angeles Angels +4000
Baltimore Orioles +4000
Tampa Bay Rays +4000
Minnesota Twins +5000
Miami Marlins +5000
Oakland Athletics +6600
San Diego Padres +12500
Milwaukee Brewers +12500
Cincinnati Reds +12500
Philadelphia Phillies +15000
Atlanta Braves +15000
Colorado Rockies +15000

The bookies fail to list the best bet: not making a $100 wager remains a sure bet to keep $100.