Titans PR Move Backfires, Sprinklers Drench Fans Watching ‘Minions’ at Nissan Stadium


Arguably the worst team in the NFL last season tried to make it up to their fans by hosting a movie night at Nissan Stadium. The Tennessee Titans likely didn’t win over any of their lost fans in the process.

During the screening of Minions, season-ticket holders sitting on part of the field got drenched when the stadium’s sprinklers went off. Like the fourth quarter of most games at Nissan Stadium last season, fans quickly abandoned their seats. Others used the blankets they brought as impromptu rain coats.

Children screamed. Panic ensued. The scene of people watching a movie looked like a scene out of a movie.

Titans movie night update – sprinklers came on – lucky @laneycrowder @mrwalkerroe and I were out of range

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The Titans, to their credit, did not blame Scarlett Overkill for the mishap (but they didn’t exactly take responsibility, either).

“Some sprinklers went off for about 30-45 seconds in one quadrant of the field,” the team explained in a statement, “which was unfortunate and unexpected since we had changed the timers for the sprinklers. We had a good turnout of our season ticket members and their families and realize it didn’t make for a great night for those who got wet, and for that we apologize.”

Tennessee, enjoying a motherlode of picks obtained from the Los Angeles Rams for the first selection in the upcoming draft, hope to rebound from their mistakes on the field, both during the season and offseason, under sophomore starter Marcus Mariota in 2016.