Top NFL Draft Analyst Nolan Nawrocki Isn’t Racist, Just Good at His Job

Joey Bosa
The Associated Press

Nolan Nawrocki is the nation’s top independent NFL draft analyst. His annual draft guide, published by ACTA Sports, is a must-read for pro football fanatics.

His sources throughout college and pro football are impeccable, and he doesn’t cower to the PC thought police. He was called “racist” by some after his reports on black quarterbacks Cam Newton, JaMarcus Russell, and Geno Smith.

“A lot of the criticism [Newton’s] receiving is unfortunate and racially based,” former NFL QB Warren Moon told the Bleacher Report in 2011.

Nawrocki responded, “”I think it’s absurd. We treat every player the same. We’re just trying to get to the end result. . . .  Evaluate the character and get the evaluation right. We’re not trying to take shots at anybody. It’s all about getting the evaluations right.”

Nawrocki writes scouting reports in his books like NFL scouts, and sometimes media snowflakes have issues with his harsh language. But you know what? Sometimes the truth hurts, and if you want to get scouting reports right, you need to deal with reality, and not live in a PC fantasy world.

Nawrocki is an equal-opportunity offender in his assessments. He’s not a modern day Bull Connor as some progressive sportswriters will lead you to believe.

“I think the best evaluators in the NFL are colorblind in their assessments, and we treat it the same way,” Nawrocki said.

Here are some examples of nuggets you will see in Nawrocki’s unfiltered reports in his 2016 draft guide . . .

On Alabama QB Jake Coker: “Not a natural, take-charge leader.”

On Michigan QB Connor Cook: “Lacks self-awareness. Carries a swagger that can grate on some teammates and rub support staff the wrong way.”

On Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg:  “Prone to emotional sideline outbursts and bad on-field body language and could learn to channel his frustration more effectively.”

On North Carolina State RB Shad Thornton: “Trouble has followed him too much in his career and has not been able to get out of his own way.”

On Ohio State DE Joey Bosa: “Likes to party.”

On Western Kentucky TE Tyler Higbee: “Could learn to adopt a more professional approach to preparation.”

On Auburn WR Duke Williams: “Has required a lot of maintenance with multiple off-the-field issues and can invite distractions to the locker room.”

On West Georgia OT Dominique Robertson: “Has issues with anger management.”

Appalachian State DE Ronald Blair: “Must prove that alcohol will not be an issue.”

Indiana DE Darius Latham: “Has been suspended multiple times and must prove the game is important to him.”

Alabama DT Jarran Reed: “Was immature early and must prove he can avoid the trappings of the game in the pros.”

Alabama DT A’Shawn Robinson: “Immature and still learning what it takes to be a pro.”

Minnesota linebacker De’Vondre Campbell: “Could be challenged by the sophistication of a complex defense.”

Tennessee linebacker Curt Maggitt: “Can be overly-emotional and too much of a locker room enforcer.”

Ohio State CB Eli Apple: “Immature and could require some additional maintenance.”

Maryland CB Sean Davis: “Intensity and competitiveness fluctuate.”

West Virginia S K.J. Dillion: “Can let emotion get the best of him.”

Auburn CB Rashard Robinson: “Character, stability and dependability need to be investigated.”

Nolan Nawrocki’s 2016 NFL Draft Preview is available at bookstores nationwide.