After Raptors Lose to Heat, Toronto Politician Calls Americans Real Losers for Voting Trump

Patrick Patterson
The Associated Press

Colorful Toronto politicians live even after Rob Ford’s passing.

The Toronto Raptors lost to the Miami Heat 102-96 in overtime Tuesday night. But Toronto city councilman Norm Kelly declared Miami, and all other American cities, the real losers Tuesday night.

Donald Trump won the Indiana Republican primary Tuesday night, which prompted Ted Cruz to drop out of the race and effectively remove all barriers for the businessman-politician to obtain the requisite number of delegates to seal his party’s presidential nomination. Actress Lena Dunham, among others, threatens to move to Canada if Trump wins the presidency.

Kelly offered his Twitter followers a “Dear Pacers” tweet over a picture of him handing a block-letter “L” to the camera after the Raptors beat Indiana in their opening-round series.