NBA Draft Lottery Odds

NBA Draft Lottery AP

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place tonight at around 8 p.m. Eastern.

A trio of teams dominant in the late 1960s and early 1980s figure to clean up in quality picks tonight. With a one-in-four chance to win the rights to the first selection, the 10-72 Philadelphia 76ers hope to begin the process of evolving from a D-League team to a respectable NBA franchise by picking first and again at four should the Lakers pick drop out of the top three, where their pick is protected. The Bulls own the longest of shots at 200-1.

The team landing that first selection likely picks either LSU forward Ben Simmons or Duke forward Brandon Ingram. Here are the odds, via SB Nation, for winding up in the top spot for the 14 lottery teams:

1. 76ers (25 percent)

2. Lakers (19.9 percent)

3. Celtics (15.6 percent)

4. Suns (11.9 percent)

5. Timberwolves (8.8 percent)

6. Pelicans (6.3 percent)

7 Nuggets (4.3 percent)

8. Kings (2.8 percent)

9. Raptors (from Nuggets. 1.7 percent)

10. Bucks (1.1 percent)

11. Magic (0.8 percent)

12. Jazz (0.7 percent)

13. Suns (from Wizards, 0.6 percent)

14. Bulls (0.5 percent)