Daniel Defense Cuts Ties with Academy Sports For Pulling AR-15 from Shelves

AP Photo/Allen Breed
AP Photo/Allen Breed

On June 16, renowned AR-15 designer and manufacturer Daniel Defense sent Breitbart News a press release in which they announced an end to their business relationship with Academy Sports.

The move stems fromAcademy’s post-Orlando decision to pull AR-15 rifles–or Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs)–from its shelves. Alleged Orlando attacker Omar Mateen used a legally purchased MSR, and Academy reacted by pulling anything that resembles an MSR, including MSR-shaped lighters. At the same time, they contend they will continue selling MSRs, but will simply refuse to advertise them in any way.

Daniel Defense doesn’t like it and they want Academy to know it.

According to the press release, Daniel Defense Vice President of Sales Bill Robinson wrote:

As you know we take our partnership with our stocking retailers very seriously.  We are committed to serving and supplying them at the highest level and expect our retailers to have that same level of commitment to our brand and our industry. Unfortunately, Academy Sports has made a corporate decision, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, to remove all MSRs from their website and in-store displays. Academy Sports has communicated that they intend to continue to sell the MSR category of firearms without displaying or advertising them publicly. As a prominent MSR brand, Daniel Defense cannot support decisions that are completely contrary to the values of our company and industry.  Therefore, as of today, June 16th, I request that you place Academy Sports on a Do Not Sell list for all Daniel Defense products and terminate any shipments to their stores or distribution centers. It is unfortunate that we have to make this decision, but it is clearly the right thing to do for our brand, our industry and our constitutional right. Thank you for your support.

Daniel Defense President and CEO Marty Daniel added, “Academy’s decision clearly segregates firearms by their appearance, which sends a dangerous message to our politicians that it’s acceptable to do so. We as an industry must stand and fight, together.”

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